5 Success Tips to Operate a Successful Business

A successful business does not happen by itself. Business owners and small businesses need to make them successful.

We would like to share with you 5 tips to help you make your business a successful one.

1. Be organized

This means being tidy with your work space, and having efficient systems that are easy to manage.

This will make it easier for you to find and maintain important items.

For example some tradesmen have vans with a place for power tools, another for hand tools, and another for electrical cords.

When they need a particular item, they know exactly where to go to find it.

It should be the same for you and your business.

Know where everything is for quick and easy access.

2. Use time wisely

Do this by being productive in your business every day.

For example, set a minimum amount of time per day you will spend doing paid work for your clients.

This means that administration, meetings, etc… will have to fit in the other parts of the day.

When you have, say, 4-5 hours per day working for your clients, then you know that you are regularly earning an income from your business.

This income will then pay your expenses and your wages.

Also, make good use of emails and mobile telephone calls as it will mean less travel time to meet clients face to face.

These can be very time efficient forms of communication.

3. Prepare a To-Do list

Make a list each day of the task you need to do that day.

And allocate a specific time to each task.

You may want to list first the most important things you need to do that day.

For example,

– “I need to write an Ad for the local paper”, 30 minutes

– “I need to invoice 2 clients”, 20 minutes

– “I need to call the ATO”, 30 minutes (to allow for waiting time)

– “I need to update my social media: Facebook and Twitter”, 15 minutes

– “Think of business ideas to expand my business”, 20 minutes

– and so on…

This will help organize your day and give you a sense of satisfaction that your day has been productive.

You can also designate who will be doing a task listed eg.”have my secretary order toner for the office printer”.

Think of your To-Do list as a daily business plan.

4. Invoice Customers and collect payments

This is essential to manage your cash flow.

A business cannot operate unless it can pay its bills and wages on time.

Invoice your clients as soon as a job is complete.

Or, you can arrange to get paid on a work-in-progress basis as it means you are getting paid along the way.

Offer your clients several ways for them to pay you: Credit Card, BPay, Direct Credit, or PayPal.

5. Involve professionals and family when needed

If you lack the skills and time to attend to a certain task you need to do, then feel free to delegate it to someone else who has the necessary skills and time.

This ‘someone else’ can be a professional person or a friend or a family member.

This of course means that you may need to learn to delegate.

And it also means that you will need to monitor the task assigned to make sure that it gets done properly. And on time.

Also, look for better ways to achieve specific outcomes.

And, surround yourself with clever reliable people.

This will help ensure your business success.


This information is to be used as a general guide only.