Rental Property Income & Expenses

Experience is key

Over many years Paul Madden, from GeelongTaxServices, has: self-managed rental properties, sold rental properties and dealt with real estate agents.

Through this practical and valuable experience, he is now able to help you, the first time investor:

  • understand the management aspects of property holding, and
  • the taxation consequences and outcomes that arise from managing a rental property.

And if you are not a first time investor but own residential rental property, he can still help you and offer very valuable advice.

In fact, he can help you with any of the following: rental property management, real estate investing, and more…

So, if you are a property manager or a real estate investor, feel free to contact Paul and have your questions answered from someone that knows from experience.

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Excel template

To help you keep track of your rental property expenses that you can claim at tax time, we have put together this Excel template for you to download and use:  RentalTemplate

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with it.

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