Who can use Geelong Tax Services?

Get the Best Tax Return Advice
no Matter your Source of Income

We, at Geelong Tax Services, specialise in tax return services and are able to help you maximise your income tax return.

You see, as an experienced CPA accountant, we know what you can and can’t claim as a deduction.

No matter your profession, your job or your source of income.

Let us help you with your tax return preparation, your personal income tax, your income tax preparation.

Let us minimise your tax liability and maximise your tax return for you.

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Professionals: get the best tax return advice.

We will show you how to claim for the use of your car, uniform, (if you need one), travel and many other things necessary for your day-to-day work.


Tradesman: get the best tax return advice.

Tools, vehicle expenses and many other deductions are things that we will help you claim.

Primary Industry

Primary Industry: get the best tax return advice.

Do you work on the land and need help with Fuel Credits and deductions for farming equipment? We will help you get all the benefits you’re entitled to.


Transport Industry: minimise your tax liability.

Whether you’re a self employed taxi driver or courier, we will help you with get all the deductions you are entitled to.


Food Hospitality: minimise your tax liability.

In the food preparation or hospitality industry and you need uniforms or equipment? We will show you how to claim these in your tax return.

Retail/Shop Assistant

Retail: minimise your tax liability.

Run your own shop or work for someone who does? We will show you all the deductions you’re able to claim.


Beauty Industry: maximise your tax return.

Work in the Beauty industry and need to claim consumables, train your staff and get signage for your salon? We will show you all the tax deductions you are entitled to.


Gardeners: maximise your tax return.

Tools and other expenses can be great tax deductions when working part-time. We will help you claim these.

Computer Technician

Computer Technicians: maximise your tax return.

Tools, parts, Internet access, training and vehicle expenses are things that we will help you claim back.